Computer Applications & Systems

Turkpak utilizes computer facilities for complex and iterative calculations in the design, and static and dynamic analysis of all types of structures, foundations, hydraulic investigations, transport planning, highway geometrics, water supply and sewerage networks, water resources management and simulation studies for power systems engineering. In the case of process industry , Turkpak provides computer aided design for flow sheeting, vessel design, plant layout and pipe routing alongwith computerized process control applications.

Besides these, Turkpak offers expert services for the use of computer for all management functions like systems evaluation, development and operation, project management and operations research by use of Linear programming, Simulation and Network Analysis (CPM/PERT) and Manpower Utilization and Evaluation Techniques (MUET) for optimising efficiency, and for providing quantitative answers in such areas as Production Planning and Control, Process Modeling and Optimisation, Financial Management, Market Research and general statistical analysis. Turkpak can also develop special programmes for inventory control, payroll and financial accounting systems.